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There have been quite a few websites with silver and golden Persians popping up recently that claim to have toy or teacup size Persians for extraordinary prices for pet quality cats with inferior bloodlines ($2000-$4000!). Silvers and Goldens have always been smaller than other colors of Persians. An average silver or golden Persian female weighs 5-6 pounds. An average silver or golden Persian male weighs 7-9 pounds. Reputable breeders (those who show and are trying to improve the breed) are working to breed away from this small size as a Persian should be a medium to large cat. However, some breeders are misleading unsuspecting pet owners into thinking this trait is rare, coveted, or new, and charging exorbitant amounts of money for their kittens. This is very wrong and it hurts the breeders who are honest about their kittens. This is not a business nor is it a hobby that someone can get rich from. Please if you think that raising beautiful Persians is a great retirement plan, DO NOT contact me. I am only interested in placing my Persians in a wonderful, loving pet home or with a serious, responsible and honest breeder.

If someone is advertising Teacup Persians then they are using it as a Marketing ploy! DO NOT BE MISLEAD BY THEIR DECEITFUL advertising practice! BAD Breeders are giving ALL BREEDERS A BAD REPUTATION.

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Updated March 20, 2013


My pet kittens are normally around $600-$900 and a breeder kitten would be $1600 and higher depending on the quality of the kitten. The quality is based on many factors. Just because I say that a kitten is pet quality does not mean that the quality of the kitten is poor. It normally is referring to if the kitten is of the standard to go to a cat show. Show Quality in a Silver/Golden Persian is also a bit different than the other division of Persians. Achieving good coat clarity is very important to a reputable Silver/Golden breeder. You need to understand genetics to breed silver and golden Persians. The golden is a recessive gene to the silver. You cannot breed a silver or golden Persian to any other color Persian and expect to keep the beautiful color in the offspring. Also if you want to retain the green eye color you must  breed with a silver or golden Persian with green eye color. I do sell show quality kittens as pets but the price would be a bit higher than a pet but not as high as a breeding cat. It all depends on the quality and if it is a kitten that I was thinking of keeping in my breeding program. Pet kittens are sold with the understanding that these kittens will be spayed or neutered and not used for breeding. When asking about a kitten please let me know if you want to breed or just have a beautiful kitten for a pet. Not all kittens are sold with breeding rights. If shipping is necessary then there is an added expense of around $350 within the states. We are located in Southlake Texas. If shipping outside the US is involved then the new owner is responsible for all expenses incurred with dealing with a foreign country.

Deposits are non-refundable. If you are unsure if you want a cat then do not put down a deposit. If something happens to the cat or kitten then I will apply the deposit to another cat/kitten of equal or better value.

Retired Show/Breeding Cats

I do spay and neuter many of my cats that I retire from breeding. I love to find loving homes for these special cats and I normally will only ask a small adoption fee (neuter/spay charge) for them. Their shots will always be up to date and they will be in good health before they leave. Many will have already had a dental done on their teeth. I don't always post a picture so please if you are interested in an older cat, please contact me.


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My first litter of the year   is due April 1, 2013 and then I have another litter the first week of May. These will be shaded or chinchilla silver Persians.

I have a wonderful sweet neutered chinchilla boy available for adoption. His name is Farley. He turned a year   last October. He is very playful and sits on my chair in the evenings with me when he is not playing. If interested I can send pictures from my phone. Unfortunately I am having trouble downloading pictures to my computer.





Feel free contacting me about deposits on kittens. $200 will hold a kitten for you. The deposits are non-refundable. I don't mind transferring a deposit to a different kitten. However, the reason that they are non-refundable is because I will turn people away since I am holding the kitten for you.








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