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CH Enzo Coco Mademoiselle

Our French born baby girl

Sire: Enzo Troll
Dam: Brumar's Greta of Enzo


PKD DNA Negative


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Enzo Coco Mademoiselle @ 6 weeks


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CH Enzo Coco Mademoiselle @ 9 months


It is so true that when one door closes another opens. In March of 2007 I lost a dear friend, Joyce Wetmore-Petitpas from Montreal. Before her passing, she had introduced Laurence Deleville from France to me and we had all planned to meet together in Montreal. That was never to be . But through the internet, Laurence and I became very close. In September 2007, I went to Nice, France and visted Laurence and brought home a beautiful baby, Coco. Laurence and her husband Fredrick gave me a weekend in France that I will never forget. Even though, a world apart, Laurence and I had so much in common that I feel we will remain friends forever. Thank you Laurence and Fredrick for letting Coco come to Texas!






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